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We provide emergency storm damage tree removal from your house with our crane crew. After a storm please call to schedule an appraisal and Rich will provide you with a formal quote for your insurance agent.

Category: Storm Damage

Terrific and Speedy Job of Removing the Trees in Dracut


I just wanted to send a quick thank you to you and your crew for rescheduling my service to Saturday.  I realize that it was in no way your fault for having to postpone my tree service.  I think the wind storm took everyone by surprise, and the damage that it caused many other residence certainly took precedence.

Your crew did a terrific and speedy job of removing the trees, and I truly appreciate it.   Please feel free to use me as a reference.

Kind regards,


Storm Damage/Tree Removal in Dracut, MA


Today the crew removed this large Pine tree which caused significant damage to the structure.

Storm Damage/Tree Service in Dracut, MA

The crew has been busy in the aftermath of the October Nor’easter. Today we safely removed this large Oak Tree which had fallen on the house during the high winds.

Storm Damage/Tree Service


The Nor’easter and heavy snow this week kept the crew hopping with multiple downed tree calls.

Storm Damage/Tree Removal/Crane Service in Chelmsford MA

The crew continues cleanup from the recent Nor’easter and Wind Storms.
Today, the Crane was brought in along with the Chipper to make quick work of the mess. The large trunks were hauled away.

Tree Removal/Storm Damage/Yard Expansion in Billerica, MA

During last Thursday’s wind storm, a co-dominant(dual trunk) Norway Maple split and fell on the house. The client also marked off twenty additional Maples that were near the house for removal.
The crew used the Crane, Logger, and Chipper to safely remove all of the trees.

Tree Removal and Storm Damage in Chelmsford, MA



The crew and Crane today removed a large Pine Tree and an Oak that had fallen on a shed in a recent storm.

Tree Service and Storm Damage in Lowell, MA



The crew today needed the crane to help remove this large Red Oak. The recent storms damaged much of the tree and compromised the main trunks.

Storm damage in Andover, MA



Tree Service and Storm damage in Andover, MA
The crew today removed this large Poplar which blew over in strong winds. The shed was destroyed by the weight of the multiple trunks of the Poplar.

Storm damage

The crew today visited multiple towns to clean up the Storm Damage from the late July summer storms and high winds.
Trees and large branches down in Pepperell, Lowell, Dracut, and Tewksbury.

Tree Storm Damage in Westford, MA

This tall pine with co-dominant trunks split during the heavy winds of a recent storm. V shaped co-dominant trunks are susceptible to heavy wind and the weight of snow.
It took the Crew and Crane three hours to remove the fallen half as well as the remaining standing half. Fortunately, the broken half fell away from the house.

Tree Removal and Crane Service in Dunstable, MA

The Crew along with the 60 ton Crane removed twelve tall Pines that were close to and hazardous to the house. The Crane was able to reach all of the trees with one set up.

The job took four hours to complete.



Tree Storm Damage in Lowell MA


In the recent wind storms, a Red Oak toppled into an in ground pool. The crew carefully removed it in sections using a thirteen foot Pole Saw and a second pole with a hook.

Damaged Pine Tree Removal in Westford, MA

Tall Pine tree that was damaged by a previous year’s ice storm. After consultation, it was decided to remove it. Limbs removed prior to takedown.

Nor’easter Wind Storm Damage in Dunstable, MA

Nor’easter tree damage in Dunstable, MA. We removed an old pine tree that fell across a Dunstable resident’s driveway.