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We provide emergency storm damage tree removal from your house with our crane crew. After a storm please call to schedule an appraisal and Rich will provide you with a formal quote for your insurance agent. Greenleaf’s can send a Mass Certified Arborist free of charge to determine if your tree can be saved.

Category: Tree Service Reviews

Terrific and Speedy Job of Removing the Trees in Dracut


I just wanted to send a quick thank you to you and your crew for rescheduling my service to Saturday.  I realize that it was in no way your fault for having to postpone my tree service.  I think the wind storm took everyone by surprise, and the damage that it caused many other residence certainly took precedence.

Your crew did a terrific and speedy job of removing the trees, and I truly appreciate it.   Please feel free to use me as a reference.

Kind regards,


Greenleaf’s Tree Service’s Facebook Reviews

Kimberly Brydon Calhoun reviewed on March 30th 2017

This crew did a great job! 4 trees down and reasonably priced. Very professional, fast, and all done safely. We live in a city neighborhood so the space was tight, but they were very cautious of our property as well as our neighbours.

Christine Cathrin reviewed on March 28th 2017

True professionals! 9 giant trees taken down with ease and like Rich promised, the only thing left behind was stumps and saw dust. Would highly recommend Greenleaf Tree Service!

Dan Adams reviewed on April 25th 2016

Just wanted to put it out there to everyone looking for an Awesome company as we had a very positive experience with this business. Last week we contacted GreenLeaf Tree Service and the owner Rich emailed us back promptly followed up with a telephone call and setup an appointment. Rich provided us with his insurance information, details of the job, insurance information. Rich followed up a few days later to discuss if we had any questions and we booked our job. Rich followed up again to let us know he would be at our house between the hours of 10-12 and the crew showed up @ 10:15 and were down by 12. We are very pleased with the work and this saved me a lot of back breaking work. If you are looking for tree service do not hesitate to contact Rich and his crew. They were all great and did a fantastic job. Thanks Rich and Team – Dan and Tiffany Adams

Janet Leggat reviewed on August 4th 2016

Rich and his crew were great to deal with. They got right back to us to set up the appointment, called us with the time they would be here and did a great job cutting limbs on two sides of the house. It was a pleasure to work with them from beginning to end.

Dawn Piecham reviewed on December 10th 2016

Impressive work! The guys were professional and nice. They cut down multiple massive trees quickly and left zero mess behind.

Removed approximately 20 trees in Westford, MA

We hired Greenleaf’s Tree Service to remove approximately 20 trees ranging up to 100 feet high and 2-1/2 feet in diameter. The crew arrived at 7:30 in the morning and amazed us with the quality of their work throughout the day. We watched them drop dead trees from their bases as one worker sawed and two or more guided the trunks to the ground. they used a bucket lift or their own muscles and boot spikes to climb to the tops of live trees, trim off spreading limbs, and then drop the trunks piece-by-piece. They worked in teams and made dropping a 2-3 ton tree look easy, but only because they were all very strong and worked so well together.

One 80 foot oak was not planned for removal but had so much dead wood exposed that it needed “trimming”. Charley first tossed a weighted line over a limb about 50 feet from the ground, then FREE-CLIMBED that rope so that he would not have to use climbing cleats and damage the tree and THEN climbed up ANOTHER 20 feet using limbs and a rope sling for support, before working his way down the tree as he lopped one dead limb after another with his chain saw. His physical stamina was not unusual for this crew. They all showed off a little by carrying chunks of oak trunk as if they were balsa wood.

We took pictures and videos and sent them to Rich so that he and his team could sit back and see this amazing work through our eyes. They do this every day (we guess) but for us it was great live entertainment …. they were friendly and professional the entire time, even as they posed for some group shots at the end of the day.

We are enjoying the light coming through our windows and may have more trees removed this spring. We will surely call Greenleaf when we do.

-Gene and Katie
Westford, MA

Tree Removed from the front yard in Chelmsford, MA


“Greenleaf’s Tree Service exceeded my expectation. Rich goes beyond “just business” and meets the customers personally to ensure proper service. I needed a Maple tree taken down as it was becoming a safety hazard. Rich took care of the tree as soon as possible. My husband and I will be calling Greenleaf’s Tree Service  in the future.” 

Angela G

I was amazed at how fast you were able to remove the trees and grind them up.

I am very happy with the job your team did at our house today. We had three enormous trees in a very difficult location overhanging our pool. Everyone on your team did a superb job, very professional, and efficient. I was amazed at how fast you were able to remove the trees and grind them up. The crane operator, the fellow who climbed up to do the cutting, the fellows on the ground – everyone was fantastic! The best part of all was the clean-up. I noticed that your people cleaned up mid way through the work and again at the end. One fellow jumped over the fence and was raking my neighbor’s yard. He even started to rake the few leaves that had fallen into our pool. When you left there was no evidence in the street that anything had happened. I will recommend your company to all of my friends and neighbors. Thank you and good luck to you and to Greenleaf’s.

Emanuel P.

Taking down some trees on a heavily wooded Dracut, MA

I recently hired Greenleaf’s Tree Service to take down some trees on a heavily wooded property, including trees overhanging the driveway and the house. The crew was professional, very well organized, efficient, courteous and careful of the property. The trees were downed in a short period of time and cleanup was provided afterwards. Rich also followed up with a phone call to make sure the service was acceptable. I found their pricing to be very reasonable for the large number of trees and brush that were removed. I would recommend Greenleaf’s to anyone needing tree removal and I intend to use their service again in the near future.

Cheryl B.
Dracut, MA

Skilled arborist in-tree work in Dunstable, MA

I contacted Rich to quote a technical job involving very limited access and close proximity to my house. After getting a couple quotes from previous “arborists”, one of which wanted to plant a $1000 a day, 45 ton crane in my front yard and lift the tree over my house, I realized that skilled arborist, familiar with technical, in-tree work was needed. Rich and his crew were professional in every way, prompt, friendly and attentive to potential peripheral damage and clean up after the job was done. I would not hesitate to use Rich and his company, or recommend them to anyone for similar tree work. It is refreshing to find a true professional in a field full of disappointing operators.

John H.
Dunstable, MA

Extremely knowledgeable and gives advice on which plants and trees

Rich (along with his Greenleaf’s team) has created a beautiful landscape for us. Rich is easy to work with and has great ideas; he is extremely knowledgeable and gives advice on which plants and trees will work in your yard, yet always listens to your ideas and preferences too. We will continue to use Rich for our landscaping needs and would recommend him to anyone we know!

Heather T.

Expertise in all phases of the new gardens

Please accept my thanks for the very beautiful job you have done with my gardens over the past two years. Every time I leave my home, or return, it’s such a joy to see the beautiful flowers and plantings that you made happen. I am so pleased with the quality of services received from Greenleaf’s, from the suggestions for the plantings, the actual designs of the gardens, to the care you took in the plantings themselves. I depended on your expertise in all phases of the new gardens & I wasn’t disappointed. I have appreciated your base of knowledge about plants, your willingness to listen to what I wanted to achieve, as well as, your suggestions for me in caring for the gardens. I would be happy to recommend your services to others, as I am just delighted with the results. I intend to employ your services, for years to come, and increase my knowledge about plants and gardening. Thank you, Greenleaf’s.

Sally M.

Skillfully trimmed bushes and ornamental trees in Lincoln, MA

Rich was recommended to me by a dear friend at a time when it was very difficult to find any skilled garden designers who would come to update, add to, neaten up my primarily shade, primarily perennial gardens. He came promptly. And did everything I asked efficiently and reasonably. He has worked on my gardens for 2 years. Rich is very quiet and listened to all my ideas of what I wanted in my gardens. He incorporated almost all that I requested and advised against some explaining that they would not thrive in the shade. He designed and added a kitchen garden that I see from my kitchen window that incorporated a beautiful dwarf Japanese maple. He skillfully trimmed my bushes and ornamental trees. He also cleared a meadow. I wanted to do minimum maintenance on my part and I have been able to do that. I love what he has done.

Jean P.
Lincoln, MA

Careful Tree Removal in Tyngsboro, MA

We were thoroughly satisfied with the services we received from Greenleaf’s. Many trees which were in very close proximity to our house were removed safely. Rich Gambale and his crew displayed outstanding professionalism from the moment of the quote request by me, to the great job they did with clean up. They went the extra mile by respecting the adjoining properties and also by carefully dropping limbs to limit damage to other trees, or the yard in general. We would recommend Rich Gambale and Greenleaf’s for any work!

Doreen S.
Tyngsboro, MA

Tree’s removed in our yard in Chelmsford, MA

We hired Rich Gambale of Greenleaf’s to have some tree’s removed in our yard. Rich and his team did a GREAT job and we were very pleased with the results. Not only did they come when they said they would (for us reliable is really important), they were professional, courteous, friendly, and seemed to really enjoy their jobs which was nice to see too. They were very careful to protect the lawn, they cleaned up the area after the trees were down, they just did an overall wonderful job at a competitive price with smiles on their faces. I would definitely recommend Rich and his team at Greenleaf’s for sure.

Patti & Bud T.
Chelmsford, MA

Removed a tree by power lines

I’d like to thank Rich and his crew for doing such a great job. The main tree they took down for me was very big with high voltage and cable/telephone lines surrounding the tree. They were very professional and not think twice about hiring them again.

Colin W.

Trees removed were close to the house in Groton

We were incredibly pleased with the job that Rich and his team did removing trees from our property. Rich was very pleasant to work with, the removal was done quickly and at very reasonable cost, and the results were exactly what we wanted. Many of the trees removed were close to the house, but the crew was extremely careful, even going the extra mile to take the glass globe off of a garden light to avoid damage. We absolutely plan to call Rich next time we need any tree or landscaping work, and are recommending him to our neighbors. We would be happy to provide a reference.

Erin and Jeremy
Groton, MA

Tree Work in Dracut, MA by Rich

Rich, The work that you did for me was fantastic. The crew was well organized, and you were like clock work where you wanted to place the trees. It was a pleasure doing business with you and your crew.

Mike T.
Dracut, MA

6 Hazardous Trees Removed in Dracut, MA

Thanks for removing six trees in my yard in Dracut, MA. They were becoming a hazard as some were dying with others not far behind. Your company did a neat, quick, and clean job, and your costs were priced below other estimates I received for fewer trees. You may use my name and number for reference anytime.satisfied customers.

Deb S.
Dracut, MA