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We provide emergency storm damage tree removal from your house with our crane crew. After a storm please call to schedule an appraisal and Rich will provide you with a formal quote for your insurance agent.

Yard Expansion & Lot Clearing

Lot Clearing in Tyngsboro, MA by Greenleaf's Tree Service
Yard Expansion is for clients looking to remove trees that have sent their branches toward their homes or over their property in search of the best sun light. Lot clearing is for building a home or an addition, or to clear a large section of land for more sunlight. First we can look at the trees and assist in making a wise choice to remove the correct number of trees. By removing the right trees the client will retain privacy screen and have more sunlight on their property. This new sunlight will increase the vitality of grass, perennials and annuals.

Category: Yard Expansion

Tree Removal/ Yard Expansion/Crane Service in Pepperell MA

Today the crew removed twenty five trees from a single property for Yard Expansion. The Crane, Chipper, and Log Truck were all needed to complete the job. There was only one setup needed and the job took six hours.

Tree Removal/Storm Damage/Yard Expansion in Billerica, MA

During last Thursday’s wind storm, a co-dominant(dual trunk) Norway Maple split and fell on the house. The client also marked off twenty additional Maples that were near the house for removal.
The crew used the Crane, Logger, and Chipper to safely remove all of the trees.

Taking down some trees on a heavily wooded Dracut, MA

I recently hired Greenleaf’s Tree Service to take down some trees on a heavily wooded property, including trees overhanging the driveway and the house. The crew was professional, very well organized, efficient, courteous and careful of the property. The trees were downed in a short period of time and cleanup was provided afterwards. Rich also followed up with a phone call to make sure the service was acceptable. I found their pricing to be very reasonable for the large number of trees and brush that were removed. I would recommend Greenleaf’s to anyone needing tree removal and I intend to use their service again in the near future.

Cheryl B.
Dracut, MA

Cherry Tree Removal in Andover, MA

Greenleaf’s Tree Service removed cherry trees which were too close to a home and the powerlines in Andover, Massachusetts. Yard expansion work by cutting back trees in Andover, MA.